Visitors form
!!! IMPORTANT CHANGES you need to make BEFORE running this taskflow:

  1. Scroll down and click on the 'invisible' “Church name” field below. Enter the name of your church in the 'Predefined value' field. Similarly, enter the church's email address into the “Email address of church administrator” field below. (This provides the taskflow with an email address to send visitors' feedback to.)

  2. The email task titled 'Send membership information' needs to be personalized for your church. The email's purpose is to let visitors know how they can apply for church membership, and you must decide how to provide that information. One way would be to direct the visitor to your church website which should include the relevant information; and/or a membership application form that can be downloaded. Scroll down and select the 'Send membership information' email task and, in the 'Message' field, insert the relevant link addresses, or rewrite the email to suit your situation.

  3. The 'Review visitor feedback' form task and the subsequent review form tasks within the three sub-taskflows are NOT 'published' (in their settings) meaning the forms can only be completed by logged-in users; specifically the church administrator, the church minister/s, the youth minister/s and the Sunday school principal/s. Find out how to create users and how they can start using the taskflow: Done! You should now delete this paragraph as it will not self-destruct on its own ;) • Hover your mouse over the paragraph and select it. • Click on the red Delete button ... • Click the red Delete Permanently button to confirm.
Congratulations! Your taskflow is now ready to run!

Thank you so much for visiting our church!

Please take a minute or two to complete this survey.

First, please can we have your contact details so we can stay in touch with you?

(Don't worry, we won't swamp you with mail!)

Now just a few questions about your visit:

When did you visit our church? If you're not certain of the exact date, an approximate date is also good enough.

We'd like to ask you a few more short questions if that's alright. They're on the next form.

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